Leadership Resources

Simple Steps for Effective Club Building

One of the key requirements in the Distinguished District Program is new clubs. Many members, however, don’t know how to go about building clubs successfully. Here is a simple step-by-step process to help your District grow successful, sustainable clubs.

Holding a Successful Club Demonstration Meeting

Congratulations; you have been assigned the exciting and challenging task of starting a new community club and giving a whole new set of people the opportunity to speak and be heard. Now what? Follow the steps below and you will find your task much smoother and easier.

Open House Tips

The following are tips on running an Open House that I have used successfully, or that have been given to me by people who have used them successfully to increase their club membership.

Evaluation Workshop Handout


Whether you are a newer Toastmaster assigned to evaluate an advanced member and are nervous about it, or you are an advanced speaker and are looking for ways to improve, this handout will have tips for you.

Mentor Checklist

As a mentor, you are your protégé’s information resource and cheerleader.

You help them prepare for speeches and roles in both a practical sense (by helping them understand what they need to do) and in an emotional sense (by encouraging them and letting them know that you believe in them).

This checklist outlines some of the things which you should cover with your protégé.

Presentation Tips

Challenging as it may seem, speaking in front of a group is a requirement for most of us. It’s why we joined Toastmasters!

The tips in this document will help you present effectively, professionally and with at least the appearance of confidence, whether you are speaking in your club or elsewhere.